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Welcome to our company !

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ICAN is a 14 years old furniture manufacturer and trading company. We are Gold provider and helped 169 countries' customers around the world. We can provide design, produce and export products for you.

Manufacturing restaurant furniture, cafe furniture, bar furniture, outdoor furniture, etc. We mainly sell chairs , tables, table top, table base, sun loungerswing chair, furniture setparasol and so on. We focus on aluminum, woven, rattan, textilene, stainless steel plywood, HPL and other materials.

Our sales persons are professional and super easy to work with. We might be the only company in our industry that you can reach us 24/7. Welcome your inquiry!

Furniture company

ICAN is a 13 years old furniture manufacturer and trading company. We are focus on restaurant furniture, cafe furniture...

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 0086 20 37038267
  0086 18988922216
 Rom803, No.1 Building, Chuangzhi Park, 28 Qinglan Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China 510655
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