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Outdoor Furniture Product Of ICAN FURNITURE CO., LTD.

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If you are looking for these high-quality products in China, ICAN company is a very good choice. We are a trading company that sifts through a large number of materials and processes from various factories to select affordable and beautiful products for consumers. In our opinion, outdoor furniture in Guangdong Province is a good choice. Foshan is one of the cities in Guangdong Province that produces the highest quality furniture, and most of our main docking factories are concentrated in Foshan, so your products will receive high-quality outdoor furniture. In addition, Foshan is also known for its work culture, which means good craftsmanship, and Foshan's furniture manufacturing technology is passed down from generation to generation in China.产品图片

We have much experiences of producing and sending out containers of outdoor furniture products to American,Middle East and European market,most of them are medium to large furniture store .

Furthermore,we make classic design outdoor furniture that you may have known and see in the market, but we constantly developing new design to give more and fresh option to our customers. Please contact us and visit our ican100 website page to see our products.

ICAN is a 13 years old furniture manufacturer and trading company. We are focus on restaurant furniture, cafe furniture...

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