Main FactorsFor Price Of PE Rattan

The main factors for price of PE rattan outdoor furniture are:

1. Quality of PE Rattan,

2. Thickness of aluminum tubes,

3. Quantity of materials used,

4. Labor costs.


The difference between different PE Rattan materials:

1. The PE rattan we usually use is 20 yuan / KG. Good PE rattan, because it is well-formed, and the material itself has high hardness and strength, good flexibility, fatigue resistance and wear resistance, so it will not be deformed for two or three years, and will not deteriorate.

2. Poor PE rattan is much cheaper, 9 yuan / KG on the market. But the poor vine in the process of preparation is easy to loose, not strong, and placed outdoors is easy to crack, deteriorate .

3. Thickness of Aluminum pipe we used is 1.2-1.8MM, there are some factories to save the cost of wall thickness of 0.8MM, but the wall thickness of aluminum pipe will determine the product's later life and stability.

4.  Amount of material is also determined by the style, some models only need 1KG, and some models may need 3KG, so price would different.

In the process of preparation, for some products that take longer to complete, the labor costs are relatively higher. For some more difficult styles, the unit price we pay to the workers will be relatively higher.