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  • Plastic Wood
    Plastic Wood

    Plastic wood not only maintains the affinity of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fungistatic, antistatic and anti-insect.

    The series of wood-plastic materials that use wood chips, straw, waste plastics and other wastes are gradually entering the fields of furniture, decoration, construction.

    Thanks to the natural fiber composition, plastic wood has better UV resistance and lower thermal expansion and contraction performance, reducing maintenance costs.

    As a new environmentally friendly material, plastic wood is known as the soft gold of the 21st century.

    Star: Plastic Wood
    Application: Garden, Patio, Restaurant, Dining Room
  • PE Rattan
    PE Rattan

    PE Rattan is an improved polymer material. The color is bright, the texture is soft and comfortable, and it is durable. It can withstand damage from -30° to 120°, which is very suitable for outdoor wind and sun. We export PE Rattan Furniture in a large quantity.

    Features: smooth and delicate surface, high strength, good flexibility, waterproof, anti UV, mildewproof, anti-mite, easy to clean.

    At present, the most widely used materials for PE rattan furniture are PE rattan + aluminum frame aluminum frame. PE rattan are divided into flat rattan and round rattan. Usually, round rattans are 35% more expensive than flat ones. Round rattans are used in rattan tables, chairs and sofas.

    The main factors for price of PE rattan outdoor furniture are:

    1. Quality of PE Rattan,

    2. Thickness of aluminum tubes,

    3. Quantity of materials used,

    4. Labor costs.


    1. The PE rattan we usually use is 20 yuan / KG. Good PE rattan, because it is well-formed, and the material itself has high hardness and strength, good flexibility, fatigue resistance and wear resistance, so it will not be deformed for two or three years, and will not deteriorate.

    2. Poor PE rattan is much cheaper, 9 yuan / KG on the market. But the poor vine in the process of preparation is easy to loose, not strong, and placed outdoors is easy to crack, deteriorate .

    3. Thickness of Aluminum pipe we used is 1.2-1.8MM, there are some factories to save the cost of wall thickness of 0.8MM, but the wall thickness of aluminum pipe will determine the product's later life and stability.

    4. Amount of material is also determined by the style, some models only need 1KG, and some models may need 3KG, so price would different.

    5. In the process of preparation, for some products that take longer to complete, the labor costs are relatively higher. For some more difficult styles, the unit price we pay to the workers will be relatively higher.

    Star: PE Rattan
    Application: Garden, Patio, Cafe, Bistro
  • Teslin

    Teslin is a special material with high temperature resistance, UV resistance and rain resistance, and is widely used in outdoor products with very good performance. Chairs and swings made of Teslin cloth and aluminum alloy are both light and beautiful and are popular with consumers. Features: Colorful, abrasion resistant, water resistant, oil resistant, UV resistant, non-toxic.

    Star: Teslin
    Application: Garden, Restaurant, Cafe
  • Steel

    Steel is lighter than wrought iron, but it is still heavier than aluminum. However, its firmness and stability, as well as resistance to extreme temperatures are incomparable. The powder coating prevents it from rusting.

    It is used as a classic for high-end furniture and bar seats, as well as for retro designs.

    For maintenance, just wipe it off with a damp cloth and dry it.

    Star: Steel
    Application: Garden, Restaurant, Cafe
  • Aluminum

    Aluminum is the most popular material for outdoor furniture, as most outdoor furniture is based on aluminum.

    It is very strong, but not heavy, and the price is not high. The most important thing is, it will not rust. Therefore, aluminum furniture is very safe to use outdoors. If you put a layer of colors on the surface, you can make the furniture  a variety of styles.

    The outdoor aluminum chair looks like a simple industrial aesthetic, just like the old Parisian cafe.

    For maintenance, just spray with water or mild soapy water to wipe the stains. Be careful not to scrape off the paint and other covering surfaces to avoid oxidation.

    Star: Aluminum
    Application: Garden, Restaurant, Cafe
  • Teak

    commonly known as rouge wood, blood tree, Ma chestnut, and shaddock, is a class of lipomatous plants of the class lipomatous subclass of dicotyledonous plants. It is a deciduous or half deciduous large tree with a height of 40-50 meters and a diameter of 2-2.5 meters. Teak originating in Burma, Thailand, India and Indonesia, Laos and so on is the Main Forestation species in Southeast Asia, and is also one of the valuable materials in the world.

    Star: Teak
    Application: Garden, Restaurant, Cafe