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Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg
Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg
Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg
Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg


Steel Unique Hotel Table Leg

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  • TB-121

  • Ican 100

  • TB-121

  • W84xD76xH72cm

  • Cast iron


Black 2-legged Cast iron Dining Restaurant Table Base


1. Hotel Room: A 2-legged table legs is the perfect choice for hotel rooms because of its space saving design. It allows guests to walk comfortably and provides a fashionable and modern appearance, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the room.

2. Restaurants and cafes: Creating an enticing dining experience is crucial in the hotel industry. The modern hotel's 2-legged table base adds an elegant atmosphere of a restaurant and cafe. Its durability ensures that it can withstand the demands of extensive use, making it a reliable choice for commercial institutions.

3. Meeting room: The minimalist design of a 2-legged table leg seat makes it an excellent choice for a meeting room. Its smooth appearance adds a professional touch to any conference space, while providing ample legroom for attendees.

4. Outdoor space: This iron is specially treated and made of weather resistant material, so the 2-legged table leg desk seat can be suitable for outdoor use. Its durability and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice for hotel patios, rooftop bars, or poolside areas.

In short, modern hotels have numerous advantages and applications in the hotel industry with their two legged tables legs. Its space saving design, durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance make it the preferred choice for hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, and outdoor spaces. By incorporating this innovative table base into their design scheme, hotel operators and designers can create a modern and cozy atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

2 legged table base

2-legged table leg

Model No. :
Cast iron
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