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Counter OEM Bistro Table Base Counter OEM Bistro Table Base


Counter OEM Bistro Table Base

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Master Design Outdoor Garden Restaurant Furniture Table Base 


1. Durability:

One key advantage of cast iron aluminum 4 legs table bases is their special durability. Cast iron and aluminum are known for their strength and wear resistance. This makes these table bases very suitable for high traffic areas such as restaurants, cafes, and bars, where tables are frequently moved and heavily used.

2. Stability:

The four legs design of these table bases ensures excellent stability. The weight and design of the cast iron aluminum 4 legs table base prevent swinging or tilting, providing a safe foundation for the table. This stability is particularly important in busy places, as customers may accidentally bump into the table or place heavy objects on it.

3. Aesthetics:

The cast iron aluminum 4 legs table base provides a fashionable and modern aesthetic that can enhance the overall appearance of any space. They come in a variety of finishes, including black, silver, and bronze, allowing them to complement different interior design styles. These table bases can effortlessly integrate modern and traditional settings, making them versatile and visually appealing.

4. Climate resistance:

Another advantage of cast iron aluminum 4 legs table bases is that they can withstand various weather conditions. This makes them suitable for outdoor use in courtyards, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. The combination of cast iron and aluminum ensures that the foundation of these watches is rust prevention and corrosion, ensuring their lifespan.


1. Restaurants and cafes:

Cast iron aluminum 4 legs table bases are widely used in restaurants and cafes due to their durability and stability. They can easily support heavy desktops, making them suitable for accommodating a large number of customers.

2. Hotels and Resorts:

In the hotel industry, tables are often moved and rearranged, and cast iron aluminum 4-legged table bases are a popular choice. Their durability ensures that they can withstand the needs of daily use, while their stability provides guests with a safe environment to enjoy dining, work, or socializing.

3. Outdoor space:

Due to its weather resistance, cast iron aluminum 4-legged table bases are commonly used in outdoor environments such as courtyards, gardens, and pool areas. They can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other weather factors, making them the best choice for outdoor furniture.

4 legs dining table base

Item number
TB -05
Cast iron
Powder coated aluminum frame
Color choice
Delivery time
35-45days (depend on the quantity of the order)
Standard package
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