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  • rattan sofa characteristics of all kinds of different USES

    Posted by:ican furniture     join time:2014-11-7

    General rattan sofa is a sofa with rattan woven into the overall structure, and then configure the sofa cushions and cushions, such a rattan sofa, dense sturdy but lightweight and tough, strong. Rattan its organizational structure dense highly flexible, easy to burst, so durable. Rattan sofa with a color elegant, beautiful shape, compact structure, elegant appearance, texture, tough, honest and other natural features, natural style rattan sofa, is a symbol of leisure life, which means close to nature, simple but yet luxurious.

    Rattan sofa

    Rattan furniture inspiration from nature, quiet, elegant, atmospheric sway most vividly, the new Chinese sentiment perfect life, rattan sofa clean lines and smooth, the overall atmosphere exudes joy and charm, curved armrests more humane, more binding Fujiki perfect.

    Rattan sofa combination

    Whether this is a decorative rattan sofa blooming lantern foot, or mellow luster cane, will feel the owner leisurely life like the sun was shining and the mood. Rattan sofa solid gorgeous appearance, compact structure, cohesion coherent, classical furniture, every line reflects the unique culture, ancient patina, people obsessed.

    Rattan living room sofa
    Imported true vine rattan sofa, with the finest hand-woven, in terms of texture or quality are the most column. Rattan sofa with large space, minimalist style, with a thick cushion, create a warm and luxurious atmosphere, the texture of the amount of natural rattan sofa, comfort, overflowing with lively and warm, fresh and elegant taste, color and warm, soft, gorgeous magnificent outline , luxurious atmosphere, revealing

    Rattan sofa elegant.

    Rattan sofa
      Rattan sofa steady and reliable modeling, low-key and simple, far away from the troubles outside and enjoy this beautiful and comfortable moment. Featured Indonesian agate woven rattan ingenuity, every detail is carefully processed, simple and elegant rattan sofa lines, warm colors, ultra-thick plump cushion design, rich three-dimensional layering

    Leisure sofa
    Leisure rattan sofa rattan using the unique material produced in Indonesia, feel comfortable, with good ventilation function, to ensure safe and comfortable not hot, rugged and durable rattan textures, while smooth and glossy, abrasion resistant, making rattan sofa more elegant and unique.

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