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  • How to choose the right bar stool

    Posted by:ican furniture     join time:2014-11-6

    Previous bar chairs are generally used in some restaurants, bars, hotels or place of business consulting stage, and with the improvement of living standards and the impact of trends in furniture, bar chairs gradually into each household, especially for the 80 later said , corner bar is really relax leisure space. But not just be able to buy a bar stool decorated home, buy a suitable and safe barstool is particularly important, it is not only reflected in its life, as well as the comfort it gives users. So before purchasing barstool first understand the following points:

    First, the right ergonomic chair

    What is ergonomics? Its meaning is a tool we use as far as possible in line with the body's natural shape, thereby reducing fatigue in the course of human generated. So it should chair cushion, lifting the base height adjustment to consider, in particular, the seat part, should increase the contact area between the buttocks and the seat, so that can balance pressure points, if we do slightly tilted, but also to avoid the use of use forward slippery situation occurs.

    Second, the type of bar chairs and accessories consisting of

    Barstool in circulation by functional generally divided into: fixed foot bar chairs, bar chairs and adjustable screw lift lift bar stool. From the material classification was: wood type bar chairs, bar chairs and cloth plating base barstool. Fixed foot bar stool in part is relatively simple parts: foot bracket + seat cushion, due to the lack of such a barstool height-adjustable features, so the most difficulty in the design is the height of the chair, so with a bar chair perhaps there will be several different heights products, consumers can according to their actual situation to choose.

    Adjustable lift barstool barstool is our common, generally by a pneumatic lever seat + + + foot circle composed of metal chassis, adjustable height barstool Perhaps many people feel the convenience, but must first understand before purchasing a pneumatic lever the quality, our gas bar is divided into three levels, while the third level of pneumatic levers are the best and safest, and the need for international SGS product certification is qualified, and if poor quality and improper use of pneumatic rod easily lead to a risk of explosion. This type of screw lift bar stool bar stool has gradually rare, slowly out of the market, so this product is not much to explain.

    Third, different materials barstool maintenance tips

    Apart from the high quality, comfort to measure the quality of bar chairs, bar chairs of different materials in the maintenance is different.

    1, wood type bar chairs, in the course of daily cleaning is recommended wrung damp cloth to gently wipe the chair, avoid using alcohol containing detergent into components. Note also that in terms of placement, try not to be placed in a position of direct sunlight to prevent dry wood barstool in the long term to produce heat, which greatly reduce its service life.

    2, plating base barstool most common rusting, so try to choose a place in a dry place, where there is rust, can be used at oil painting in rust, wipe back and forth several times, you can remove the rust.

    3, cloth fabric chair it is easy to hide the dust or dirt, the most appropriate way is to use a small vacuum cleaner to suck dirt, but also easily destroy the fabric fiber cloth and sewing on the side bits.

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