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  • bentwood furniture Detailed knowledge

    Posted by:ican furniture     join time:2014-10-30

    Advantages bentwood furniture

    First. Bentwood furniture from the material, the surface of the song you want to use high-quality wood veneer, while the low inner material requirements, can be used to short the long, narrow width and other methods to fight the raw material is fully applied, save more material than solid wood furniture.

    Second. Bentwood furniture from the style, it has a beautiful and harmonious arc, more in line with the modern pursuit of beauty.

    Third. Bentwood furniture from the properties, it has not crack, deformation, moisture resistance, torsion and other advantages.

    Fourth. Bentwood furniture from the function, the bentwood furniture in the manufacture, according to ergonomic principles can be arbitrarily curved, more in line with human health and posture.

    V. bentwood furniture from the production, the surface texture of bentwood furniture is more natural and smooth, the overall effect is more harmonious, but also will not damage the wood fibers, durable.

    Disadvantages bentwood furniture

    Bentwood furniture due to processing complex, finishing more difficult, so the material is low. This is perhaps the only song wood furniture obvious shortcomings it.

    Bentwood furniture and maintenance methods

    Maintenance of bentwood furniture, nothing more than routine cleaning, maintenance and other aspects of things, the most important thing is clean. When daily cleaning bentwood furniture, you can use water-based conservation polish (such as: Pearl Bailey) to clean; try not to use rough cloth to wipe bentwood furniture, paint furniture to avoid damage to the surface; bentwood furniture is also a solid wood furniture, bentwood furniture can not be placed close to the fire source, heat sources, can not be in direct sunlight, exposure, avoid bentwood furniture deformation, cracking; bentwood furniture can not let the rain get wet, otherwise extremely damp deformation.

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