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  • Differences really rattan furniture and imitate rattan furniture

    Posted by:ican furniture     join time:2014-10-24

    Currently, more and more rattan furniture we like it. Precisely because of rattan furniture and other furniture are not the same, greener, more features, more stylish, more and more fans at home are accompanied by a set of two rattan sofa, chair, leisure rattan furniture. But we in the mall, perhaps on the network to see some of the vine furniture, and some offer comparative cheap, while others offer a high contrast, but why it?

    In fact, wants to understand the reasons, foremost we want to rattan furniture has certainly know that some technical knowledge. Rattan furniture, rattan furniture and actually really into rattan furniture. The so-called real rattan furniture we refer to natural rattan furniture, raw materials are made ??of natural rattan plant, while Ming Court Fujiwara furniture plant by the use of the information is imported Indonesian rattan-based information; while rattan furniture perhaps PE PVC is manufactured for raw materials, PVC materials due to toxic damage to human well-being, so today's rattan furniture raw materials essential to the PE-based, PE plastic rattan contrast environmentally friendly, not toxic,
    No harm to human well-being. In the original data offer, the true vine offer also offer more expensive than PE rattan several times.

    The second reason is real rattan furniture and imitate rattan furniture in manufacturing technology is not the same. Rattan furniture after the end of the artificial weaving, but also through artificial polish, artificial stickers, carefully paint on paint professional chef, and paint, ican furniture always use non-toxic tasteless green paint; while rattan furniture at the end of after weaving process is not just demand, direct delivery of can packaging. So this is the real difference between rattan furniture, rattan furniture than in the capital of. However, rattan furniture has its own characteristics, such as rattan furniture is more than true mildew, insects, and other easily damaged in transit.

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