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  • Size standards of Green furniture

    Posted by:ican furniture     join time:2014-10-23

    ican furntiure online sales of green rattan furniture, quality assurance, the price is lower than the market price, welcome to contact customer service online.
    State regulations green furniture size standards:
    Table class height 700-760MM;
    Seat height stool furniture for 400-440MM three specifications;
    Supporting the use of tables and chairs, tables and chairs height difference within the range of control 280-320MM

    Correct chair height should keep two people sitting state substantially perpendicular:
    1. When the feet flat on the ground, substantially perpendicular to the thigh and calf.
    2. When arms drooping naturally, substantially perpendicular to the upper arm and forearm, arm in contact with the desktop just produce the right elbow support.
    Two substantially vertical can make to maintain the correct posture of sitting and writing: Generate the right elbow support, you can take an upright or slightly forward to avoid a hunched posture, causing spinal disease, lumbar muscle strain and other occupational diseases. Some jobs may also be used for desktop slightly backward tilt sitting comfortably rely on a chair. Users can have a wide choice of sitting, you can always change posture to reduce fatigue.
    Right elbow support not only makes sitting upright and stable, but also make the desktop more standardized operations, for example, to write straight from left to right when writing.
    Relevant parts of the right elbow during desktop support people working the upper body, including neck, shoulder, waist, arm, wrist and elbow muscles can relax, reducing muscle fatigue, pain and fatigue.
    Right elbow support, sitting stable, so that the horizon is kept within reasonable limits, to avoid the sight of the phenomenon is too short, help protect eyesight.
    Office desk space under the table top height not less than 580MM, space width of not less than 520MM, ensure that there is minimal leg room, you can make the appropriate action to relax after a sedentary to mitigate fatigue.

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