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  • Aesthetic characteristics of bamboo furniture

    Posted by:ican furniture     join time:2014-10-20

    Bamboo is a traditional furniture timber. According to historical records, as early as the Tang and Song Dynasties China has bamboo furniture, portraits of the Tang and Song from some Buddhist era can be seen in the four early official hat chairs, footstools and Zen bamboo furniture and other bamboo chair. In recent years, with the increasing improvement of people's living standards, advocating green, back to nature, cherish the idea of green aesthetic sense and more intense. Bamboo as a green material is also more and more people of all ages, bamboo furniture innovation, its investment in research and new styling and new technology more and more. Rise of bamboo furniture is not accidental, is its unique aesthetic characteristics closely related, this article attempts humanistic aspects of its content, and material properties, such as the plastic arts to be explored.

    First, the cultural atmosphere and culture of the Chinese nation is recognized worldwide as one of the origin of bamboo plants and modern distribution center, which is called "the hometown of bamboo." Bamboo, in a sense, with the Chinese cultural homogeneity. Chinese bamboo culture is the most commonly seen cultural phenomenon and cultural patterns, and is reflected in many aspects of material success and spiritual achievements.
    In material terms, bamboo and Chinese people's daily life, "clothing, food, housing, transportation, use" there is a very close relationship to human survival and development has played an indelible contribution. Some embodies the creative spirit of the Chinese nation and things matter, such as: bamboo engineering facilities, bamboo tools, bamboo painting, bamboo vulgar, bamboo bamboo arts, culture and mythology, etc., constitute the history of our culture lasted long, the most widely used, connotation most abundant and numerous folk culture of long-chain functions.

    In the spirit of traditional Chinese culture bamboo, its tall straight, straight and with restraint, tough hard demolition, soaring ambition, stern and resolute unyielding wind section includes social ethics of Confucianism "heterogeneous and homogeneous"; bamboo Xiao Shu and elegant, was the color of nature and natural state, bamboo restful, serene contemplation, spiritual freedom is realized nirvana, which in turn related to the Taoist concept of inaction indifferent, aloof mundane and spiritual freedom of personal accomplishment. Variety of features bamboo symbols referring respectively humanities and Confucian ideal personality Taoist "heterogeneous and homogeneous", covers the dual structure of traditional Chinese humanistic spirit, complete and comprehensive metaphor illustrates the ideal personality of traditional Chinese culture characteristics. Chinese literati eat bamboo, bamboo, Huazhu, chant bamboo, bamboo gifts to friends, bamboo Yan Zhi, a famous Song Dynasty poet Su Shi said in a poem: "can eat no meat, not so live without bamboo, no meat is thin, no bamboo is vulgar. "

    Chinese bamboo culture gives to the GAO, cold, indifferent temperament, bamboo furniture and even to some extent reinforced bamboo retains the original shape, triggered a corresponding sense of form, resulting in a fresh and elegant taste intent. Bamboo furniture has a long history in Chinese history, but because bamboo is not easy to save and rarely survive in kind, but in the peak of the development of China's furniture - Ming and Qing Dynasties, there will be wooden furniture into a bamboo imitation wood frame shape precedent, showing the impact of traditional Chinese bamboo furniture. (This article by Yi Nan bamboo finishing)
    Chinese bamboo culture is a great creation of the Chinese nation in the history of Chinese culture dazzling chapter in the history of bamboo is the most ethnic origin, the most profound accumulation, its national temperament and aesthetic consciousness laid the psychological foundation of the structure of the Chinese nation.

    Second, a common plastic arts and material properties
    Currently, bamboo furniture products on the market are mainly traditional timber frame and bamboo furniture into two categories, according to the materials used in different ways, in terms of their style of art unique.

    1) Traditional bamboo furniture frame structure
    In traditional bamboo furniture, bamboo mainly whole timber, bamboo timber, and sheets form, maximize the retention of natural materials decorative effect - a special section of the wing structure parallel ruled refreshing and elegant bamboo's. Bamboo furniture on the whole, the modeling approach adopted by major wire-based three-dimensional form patterns.
    Wire rod through the gap between the main line and the base line and the line aggregation generated by the line to represent different levels of group structure. By staggered grid density effects and changes in the surface of this line to reflect a strong sense of rhythm. This rhythm is composed of wire space performance characteristics.
    Wire rod also includes soft wire and hard wire rod constituting the two kinds of configuration. Wherein the soft wire means silk, cotton, linen, iron, aluminum and copper, as well as to any bending of the cord around the cord or wire. There are two main forms of its shape, one tectonic framework, wire wound on or arrangement composed by weaving around the occlusal surface; Second, the use of wire bent shape itself to achieve the stiffness and strength of the overall product requirements, while creating one kind of soft, flowing visual experience. It is this traditional bamboo furniture typical soft wire styling products.
    In the form of art, the point, line, surface modeling is the most basic elements. Bamboo, because of its small diameter and hollow biological characteristics, determines the basic characteristics of the wire, and its own straight texture is a natural linear surface decoration. Bamboo is repeated around the occlusal surface reflects the unique rhythm, arranged by the bamboo or woven into the surface, not only the requirements of dots forming furniture is even more of these decorative elements bamboo reorganization, amplification, into parts or products overall the United States in addition, different types of bamboo rods different colors, stripes, patches and spots are bamboo furniture design and styling surface important elements of art and design, just as the green bamboo, black bamboo rod Zihei gold bamboo poles of golden, beautiful gold stripe jasper between bamboo and Jinxiang Yuzhu, the owner and Yun bamboo weaving purple-brown patches and spots, is the traditional bamboo craft an extremely important production methods, due to the different weaving techniques, but also to create a variety of decorative effects. Yi bamboo woven leather is hand made ??with different patterns of white spell this material products beautiful, simple, three-dimensional sense; adaptation "low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, ecology, health, innovation and sustainable development." requirements, with rich Chinese cultural elements.
    2) Glued Laminated Bamboo Furniture
    Bamboo timber bamboo as raw material is processed into a certain size rectangular bamboo, the three anti-(anti-corrosion, pest control, moth), drying and coating processes, such as processing group glued blanks made ??of bamboo board Fangcai. Bamboo timber with strength, dimensional stability, resistance to cracking, etc..
    Glued Laminated Bamboo Furniture furniture is mainly used in the production process, its modeling approach belongs surfaces constitute or "plate combination constitute" is based on the length and width of two spaces for three-dimensional modeling material composed, with a sense of thin flat and extended sense. But more general furniture, natural bamboo timber surface texture dense, straight, bamboo patchwork, edge board just after milling to reduce the sealing process, reduce production costs, showing the edge of the board of bamboo natural texture. Glued Laminated Bamboo Furniture can also be a variety of surface decoration sculpture, mosaics, and defense spending, etc. Therefore, Glued Laminated Bamboo Furniture in structural and aesthetic of the more desirable properties on Jieyou

    Three. Development of bamboo furniture in line with today's social thought
    Into the information age, people gradually realized in the process of industrialization and the ravages of the ecological environment destruction. In the industrial sector due to the implementation of functionalist design, fits almost led the world, mankind is facing increasingly unitary human environment. For this purpose, aimed at protecting the natural environment and human environment of green design was put out, and soon became a social trend. Today, for attention to environmental protection have changed the design of the evaluation criteria. A product's design is beautiful, not only in its shape, but also should consider whether environmental, aesthetic standards of product design and environmental protection have been incorporated into the moral factor.
    Green design requirements of energy-saving products, the use of recyclable materials, the basic right of ecological environment caused by pollution, without compromising the health of producers and users. Bamboo is such a kind of green materials.
    Bamboo plants grow fast, strong regenerative capacity, short production cycle, in the world, especially in China's resource rich reserves. Bamboo generous soft color, texture clear, can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, absorb ultraviolet and anti-static, beneficial to human health; bamboo timber with a quality beyond the toughness of wood, in the case of equal density, any timber bamboo can not be reached deflection has; bamboo itself texture, straight, delicate, smooth feel, color simple, flexible, easy to bleaching, dyeing and carbonization process, energy bamboo furniture manufacturing process is far less than the steel, aluminum and other energy consumption, much less pollution, energy consumption per unit weight is equivalent to the processing of bamboo 1/26 aluminum, glass quarter. Development of bamboo furniture, in line with today's social thought.
    In summary, bamboo utensils (including bamboo furniture) in our traditional culture is essential, not only reflected in the unique styling and sophisticated technology, but also improve the performance abroad and the spiritual world. At this stage, the bamboo industry to develop more in line with China's environmental situation and trend worldwide, set humanities, modeling beautiful, environmentally friendly bamboo furniture in one of the world will be more and more of

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